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A party animal of the first dance scene in Amsterdam enjoying his evenings out in Amsterdam using a full membership at the famous Amsterdam club The RoXY as well as the IT!. Inspired by MTV's Stakker Humanoid he started producing house music in early 1990 using just the lightest of gear: roland w-30 sampler, small soundmixer and a juno 106.

1991 first mentioned in The Haagse Post (NL)

1992 first record deal as XLR-8 on Fierce Ruling Diva's (Flamman & Abraxas) label Suptopia Volume 1.(NL)

1991-1993 live performances:

1992- (first time a regular club dares to organise a house party inside a club at) Live PA at The Escape Amsterdam : XLR-8 as opening act for Praga Kahn(UK)

1991 live PA (notorious) Multigroove Elementenstraat several performances (NL)

1992 live PA Multigroove Rave Diemen squated place 10.000 people and more

1993-1994 Live PA Multigroove raves

1993 Live PA Planet E, Basel Switserland

1993 live PA Rotterdam Terror Corps Energiehallen Rotterdam(NL)

1993 live PA IJsselhallen, Groningen, Live PA for 10.000 people (NL)

1993 Hold Your Horses, Live PA(NL) 1993 Sporthallen, Hoorn, Live PA with DJ Dano, Buzz Fuzz, Pavo(NL)

1994 Underground rave in a subwaystation Vienna, Austria, live PA (AU)

1994 Live PA Donderslag rave in Austria live performance sparring with USA DJ Lenny Dee to be the hardest sound(AU)

1993 appears in the videoclip of Dutch House originator Quasar 'last train to paradise' (NL)

1993 tracks appear on ID&T Thunderdome V collection selling more than 150.000 copies.

1993 Live PA tours England performing as XLR-8 on many raves and clubs such as The Cellar in Bristol.

1994 tracks appear on Rave Mission Summer Edition (germany) selling over 70.000 copies (DE) 1994 hired by Hellraiser Organisers to book their DJ's (17.000 people rave) for 6 raves (NL)

1994 hired by rave organiser Immortality to book their DJ's (20.000 people rave) for 5 raves (NL)

1994 live performance at a German Rave in an industry hall 10.000 people (DE)

1994 first german record deal with Rave Mission Germany (DE)

1994 live PA at a rave in Bocholt Germany, 15.000 people 1994 assistant engineer for the floorfiller Rubb It In by FRD (React London) (UK) hitting nr 5 on the dance billboard in the USA, (moog synth by Spencer)

1993-1995 first Dutch DJ Agency booking DJ's and bands to Holland such as: jeff mills (USA), kevin saunderson(USA), robert noise(USA), dj hell(GER), sven vath(GER), laurenth garnier(FR), sven van hees(BE), Toby Isui(JP), Ken Iishi(JP), Bonzai DJ team(BE), DJ Rok, (Germany)Yves de Ruijter(BE), Frank de Wulf(BE) and many many others to Holland. Most of them for the first time to be seen as dj / performancers.

1995 hired by club organiser The Sound touring with european Dj's in all the dance clubs in Holland and Belgium

1995 produces two cd albums: Gabbernation I and Gabbernation II with artists such as The Party animals, lenny Dee (usa), PCP Germany to name a few but also produces 5 tracks per CD with other DJ's 1995 produces the XLR-8 Accelerator white label record with artists such as Lady Dana and Isis

1995 26 July organises a rave, the first houseparty in Weesp near Amsterdam (NL), with dj's such as Gizmo, The Prophet, Jeroen Flamman, Abraxas and live performance by Spencer(XLR-8) presenting his new tracks/ Most unfortunatly most of the money earned was stolen and Spencer being put into hospital by the two doorman. The Party Animals still waiting outside for spencer see him coming out bleeding with broken nose, ribs and more. Together with the other crowd they completely destroy the outside of the club. All windows are being smashed. This is the first and last time this little city ever had a real rave. This fucked up reality is used as a scene 'as such' in the 1996 film Naar de Klote! (completely fucked up!) starring Tygo Gernandt and Hugo Metsers.

1999 november buys a music production studio in Amsterdam Centre. Studio A1 is a fact, he buys a large mixing console, digital augan omx mastering system , large format speakers and starts his Amsterdam based studio.

2000 The Dutch newpaper Het Parool (NL) mentioned Spencer Vos XLR-8 as the hardcore frontrunner next to Paul Elstak.

2000 The Dutch Pop institute recognises Spencer Vos (XLR-8) as the first hardcore dance band of the 90's

1999 sound mixer/designer for television for the first reality show hit: Big Brother 1 (NL) followed by many other reality shows

1999 big brother 2, (NL) 2000 big brother 3, (NL) 2000 big brother vips,(NL) 2000 big brother vips2, (NL) 2001 the bar, (NL) 2001 the bus, (NL) 2002 staracademy, (NL) 2002 appears on TV to tell about the coming of House music. 2002 starmaker, (NL) 2003 the girls on 5, (NL) 2003 fame academy (DE) to name just a few shows he did. The last reality he did was Paradise Hotel (NL) in Mexico in 2005.

2003-2006 eng/efp sound engineer does most work for television news, sport and drama for both national as international clients such as cnn (NL), bbc (NL), rtl germany (DE), die deutsche welle(DE), reuter (UK), radio uno (italy). Israel to name a few

2003 line producer for tv series The Girls On 5 (net5-NL)

2003-2005 sound designer for the breakthrough Viktor & Rolf fashion Paris Winter -Fall collection, praised for the soundscape in LA Times, Times England, Volkskrant and many other newspapers. A thing worth mentioning when does somebody reads something about sound by the presentation of a fashion collection? 2006-2007 main front of house mixer at the famous Paradiso pop temple in Amsterdam mixing Martin Duval for Love & Pride.(NL)

2006 engineer for The Party Animals, Xanadu (single) (NL)

2007 main front of house mixer at The Milkyway Amsterdam for Martin Duval

2006 engineers : Martin Duvall track Living on Warhol. produced by Flamman & Abraxas

2006 engineers the band 3-1 elektro album. produced by Flamman & Abraxas

2005-2007 starts working for movies, commercials and shoots film Movies, to mention a few, (sound mixer) castingX full feature (zaragoza spain) (HD) Ein Tag in Folgen (berlin-Amsterdam) (HD) Psalm 69 short film (super 16mm) Srebenica Never Again BBC Documentary (HD)

Commercials a few (sound mixer)

the millennium promise of the G8, broadcasted on Live Aid 2006 breaker commercial (super 16mm) venco candy commercial keurslager commercial kinder bueno commercial dreft commercial coca cola commercial 25 years of dutch film festival commercial (super 16mm)

2006 engineers soundtrack for EDC Orange Telecom

2006 engineers soundtrack for Rodrigo Otazu, his presentation of the first Gassan Diamonds collection starring Do.

2006 engineers Philips Headquarters News for Philips sattelite tv, itv with the CEO of Philips Gerrit Kleijsterlee.

2007 goes corporate, his holding hold 50% stocks in an international production company

2008 produces Dutch reggae band Beef! Straight To The Roof, videoclip

2008 produces Elina (Miami USA) Book Of Lies

2007-2009 collaborates with a film rental company and is frontrunner in 2K. Showing the world the si-2k film camera, promoting, selling and organising conferences about this 2k camera (which won all oscars at the 2009 oscars with the film Slumdog Millionaire)

2009 best short film at filmfestival Rotterdam, sound by spencer vos

2009 spencer is executive producer for a new drama series in Holland The hangouts CD 1 (NL)

Twenty of the short films conceived at the Rutger Hauer Filmfactory 2009 had their international premiere at the I've Seen Films International Short Film Festival of Milano, Italy.The ten day celebration of short films from all over the world is founded by Rutger Hauer. 2009's festival, with more than 100 premieres, featured 231 works from 70 countries. I've Seen Films has held the distinction of being the first short film festival to screen the authors works in a high-definition digitalized version. In some cases their creators were present in Milano to attend the première. Most definitely present was Rutger Hauer, the driving force behind both the Filmfactory and I've Seen Films. Rutger had a seat in the jury as well, along with colleagues and collaborators such as Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Lech Majewski, Christopher Nolan, Miranda Richardson, Paul Verhoeven, Eugenio Cappuccio and Anton Corbijn.

2009 recorded at studio a1 engineered by Rafi Levin (Miami USA) The hangouts CD 2 (NL) 2010 recorded at studio A1 engineered by Spencer Vos (NL) 2010 splits the company, changes holding structure, gaines 100% stocks

2010 works for Rutger Hauer, movie star

2010 best short film at filmfestival Venice Italy, sound by Spencer Vos judges by no other than Robert Rodriques, Paul verhoeven and Anton Corbijn. The 337 Internet works in competition had received more than 100,000 votes and over 1,500,000 views from all over the world. With a screening program of 231 works from 70 countries and special events that lasted 10 days taking place at Gnomo Milano Cinema, Centre Culturel Francais and THECA, the Gala Award Evening, hosted by producer, director and writer Bill Bristow, along with the skilled vocal Trio 'The Blue Dolls', has honored the winners of the second edition of 'I've Seen Films'.

The International Jury, formed by Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez, Lech Majewski, Miranda Richardson, Paul Verhoeven, Eugenio Cappuccio, Anton Corbijn, Christopher Nolan, Bill Bristow Daniela Catelli, Teresa Cavina, Roberto Nepoti and Rutger Hauer assigned the following awards: The Best smart Short Film Award assigned by 'smart', the Festival's main sponsor, was won by Dorota Zglobicka (Poland) for her 'Be Smarter', produced during the 2009 Rutger Hauer FilmFactory Masterclass in Rotterdam.(sound by Spencer Vos)

Hightimes Diving Skintwo Marquis golden records: Party Animals - Hava Naquila

Hava Naquila was the first Gold Record for the Party Animals, directed by Israeli video artist R.E.L. and went straight to number one in the Dutch singles charts. The song was also released on a limited edition 10" picture disc. It was adopted as an anthem by supporters of Amsterdam's football club Ajax and is regularly being played at halftime during matches.

Have you ever been mellow? 1995 20-01-1996 1(1wk) 11 Golden record Hava naquila 1996 06-04-1996 1(3wk) 12 Golden record / superstip Aquarius 1996 27-07-1996 1(3wk) 11 Platina record / superstip

Party Animals - Aquarius As 4th consecutive number one for the party animals , "Aquarius" reached Platinum status. The video took three days of shooting and is our most popular video so far, directed by Martin de Waal with photography by Jonathan Weyland who both were to work on many of our productions hereafter. It won a best-dance-video Thunderdome award and an additional award for best Happy Hardcore single.

Other records captured at studio A1

party animals date highest rank number of weeks We like to party 1997 01-03-1997 6 9 Atomic 1997 10-05-1997 8 12 My way 1997 06-09-1997 19 4 Whatever 1998 14-02-1998 35 3 met Sugar Baby Hawaii 5-0 1998 06-06-1998 24 4 The Show 1998 14-11-1998 tip21 -

Date Title Dutch album chart [3] Certification 1996 Good Vibrations 3 Gold [4] 1997 - 1998 Hosanna Superstar - 2004 Gang of 4 50

singles December 1995 "Have You Ever Been Mellow?" 1 (NL) Gold in NL [4] April 1996 "Hava Naquila" 1 (NL) Gold in NL [4] July 1996 "Aquarius" 1 (NL) Platinum in NL [4] February 1997 "We Like To Party" 6 (NL) May 1997 "Atomic" 8 (NL) September 1997 "My Way" 19 (NL) Cover of Sid Vicious' version of Frank Sinatra's classic February 1998 "Whatever!" 35 (NL) May 1998 "Hawaii 5-0" 24 (NL)

Discografie Party animals

Singles Dutch Top 40

Good to Go 11-1996 4 10 Uit de film Naar de Klote! I'll be Your Only Friend 04-1997 4 9 I Need love 08-1997 9 7

Technohead recorded at studio a1 19951995: Technohead : Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy Before there was the Party Animals, there was 'I Wanna Be A Hippy'. The music in this Technohead video was the Flamman & Abraxas radiomix and the three Gabbers and the Hippy they are chasing for a puff of his j**nt were later to become the Party Animals. The Ska influenced chords were to become the signature sound of all Party Animals tophits to follow. 'I Wanna Be A Hippy' reached number one status in at least five European countries including Germany and sold over 250.000 copies in the UK alone. Headsex contained their biggest hit, I Wanna Be a Hippy. It was accompanied by a video featuring three Gabbers, wearing "Party Animal" t-shirts and carrying inflatable hammers, chasing a hippy on a bicycle around a park. It reached number 1 in 12 different countries including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland,[4] and number 6 in the UK in February 1996.

Two Technohead follow-up singles, less intense than the material on Headsex, followed in 1996; Happy Birthday reached number 18 in April and the next single Banana-na-na reached number 64 in October.[5]

15 July Technohead I wanna be a hippy 22 JulyTechnohead I wanna be a hippy 29 July Technohead I wanna be a hippy. I want to be a hippie was directed by Martin De Waal, aka Martin Duvall later recorded in Studio A1 his Living on Warhol

The winner of 2005 "Golden Gnoom Award" for Best Dressed DJ performed that year with the Belgium Electro Pop band "Vive La Fete" on the biggest dutch outdoor festival: Pinkpop! They surprised friend and foe with their version of the Donna Summer classic "I feel love" Martin Duvall (aka Martin C de Waal) is a somebody in Holland who somebody should make a somebody everywhere else. He is a well-respected artist whose challenging work examining issues such as media representation of gender and race, has received attention from the international art community. In March this year a retrospective was held of his photograpic and videowork at the Torch Gallery in Amsterdam. He works extensively as a guest lecturar in art and fashion. But perhaps he is best known as an outrageous club celebrity hosting notorious clubevents, turning his hand to dj-ing,vj-ing and performing in equal parts. More recently he has released recordings such as his own characteristic dance version cover of the Flirts's 'Temptation" and a selfwritten song: "Living on Warhol". And , yes, all those stories you've heard about his events are probaly true.

Other projects Studio A1 was involved in are numurous : eddy de clercq viktor & rolf starring Tilda Swinton